We appreciate your business!!! As our most valued customer, help us know what we are doing Good and where we can do Better.
One of the best chicken joints in town! I'm glad they opened in uptown. Looooove me some kfc!!
Evelyn T.
It's great that they opened up one at this location. I ordered from here a few weeks ago and the place looks pretty clean and decent.
Pauline W.
DIB sushi bar & thai cuisine
Real nice atmosphere and great food, both Sushi and Thai. BYOB is a huge plus. Love this local restaurant.
David F.
DIB sushi bar & thai cuisine
Great local place for sushi. Reasonably priced and BYOB.
Kathleen H.
The Little India
This place is amazing. The food is delicious. PLUS it is a BYOB joint which saves you some cash. I recommend ordering a combo platter -- plenty of food to share and a nice variety.
L ovidio
The Little India
If you want delicious Indian food, at an incredibly reasonable price, served by genuinely nice people, this is the place for you. I love their lamb naan and the "non veg" appetizer will get you a taste of many different meats and is darn cheap.
Amanda Miller
China Cafe
Lunch special is very cheap considering the abundance of food that they give you. I've tried their Hunan chicken and Chicken with vegetables. Both were ok but their sauce seems to be lacking a certain taste I would normally get from other Chinese restaurants. Service was friendly and I wouldn't mind going back to try out their other lunch specials.
Christine A.
China Cafe
I love this place. It is delicious and cheap. There is a new owner and the food is outstanding. My roommate and I seem to carry out from here at least 3 times a week. Favorites are the pepper steak and orange chicken. I also love the panang curry. I pay extra for wide crispy noodles and they are worth every penny.
Steven G
Masala Indian & Thai Cuisine
best service. great food. owner operated. try butter chicken.
Sultan A.
Masala Indian & Thai Cuisine
Oh my God! The naan was so good, I almost cried. Everything was ao good, I just PRAY that I remember and come back. Tip: chicken satay is a great place to start!
Brent W.
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